Arbitration is an ancient and time-proven method for the cost-effective resolution of business disputes, in which the parties waive their right to a jury trial, and agree on a method for selecting a panel of one or three arbitrators, which hears the parties’ evidence and arguments, and then makes an award that is binding between the parties. The parties to an arbitration can apply to a court to have judgment entered on a final arbitration award.

Georgia and most other jurisdictions have statutes that expressly authorize courts to enter judgments on arbitration awards. Georgia’s arbitration statutes are at Georgia Code Title 9, Chapter 9, O.C.G.A. sections 9-9-1 to 9-9-84. The Federal Arbitration Act is at Title 9 of the United States Code, 9 U.S.C. sections 1 to 307.

Some courts offer a voluntary arbitration service, however, court-annexed arbitration programs typically have limited resources. Private companies offer arbitration services on a fee-for-service basis that are unlimited in scope. Leading arbitration service providers include the American Arbitration Association, the International Chamber of Commerce, and JAMS. Parties can also agree to arbitrate directly under the Georgia Arbitration Code or the Federal Arbitration Act, without utilizing the administrative services of a private arbitration association.

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