Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where the parties employ a neutral mediator to help the parties reach an amicable settlement of their dispute.

A mediation outcome is never binding unless the parties agree upon the outcome. However, mediation can be a mandatory pre-trial step in dispute resolution process, if the parties agreed to mediate in their contract, or if the court orders the parties to participate in a mediation.

Many courts have their own mediation programs. There are also several private companies that specialize in offering mediation services, such as Henning Mediation and Arbitration Service, and Bay Mediation & Arbitration Service. There are also numerous attorneys in private practice who are excellent mediators.

If you need an experienced, affordable attorney to represent your side in a business mediation, call Atlanta mediation lawyer toll free at 888-612-1703 or email to schedule a free initial consultation. Contingency fee, modified contingency fee, and modified reverse contingency fee arrangements are available for some representations.

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