Examples of Atlanta lawyer James W. Copeland’s past representations:

Represented underground utilities subcontractors in state court litigation and mediation for disputed payment claims against utilities contractor.

Represented commercial roofing subcontractor in arbitration and mediation against government contractor and its Miller Act surety for claims for disputed change orders and bad faith.

Represented dredging subcontractor in board appeal from contracting officer decision that denied subcontractor pass-through claims for differing site conditions and variations in quantities.

Represented grading contractor in board appeal from contracting officer decision that denied differing site conditions claims and liquidated damages assessment.

Defended real estate owner in state court against contractor claims for extra work and differing site conditions.

Defended sales executive and her new employer against employment-agreement based claims by disgruntled former employer for temporary restraining/protective order, interlocutory and permanent injunctions, and liquidated and actual damages.

Represented construction materials supplier for payment bond claim against payment bond surety of insolvent developer.

Represented steel erection contractor in arbitration for disputed change order and payment claims against steel manufacturer.

Represented electrical subcontractor in complex consolidated arbitration for disputed change order, disruption, and inefficiency claims against construction manager on 1.1 million square foot convention center expansion project.

Represented general contractor in arbitration against developer for disputed change order and payment claims and counterclaims for defective construction.

Represented investor in federal court for fraud claims against officers of manufacturing company.

Defended hotel developer in state court against architect’s disputed construction lien and payment claims.

Defended local subsidiary of multi-national corporation against federal court employment discrimination claims.

Represented metro restaurant developer for contract drafting and negotiations for lease, design, and build-out of new restaurant in a new high-rise condominium tower.

Represented civil engineering firm in state court for payment claim against subdivision developer.

Defended energy services company in federal court against claims for copyright infringement.

Represented energy services company in contract negotiations for design, construction, and operation of cogeneration plant.

Advised and supported highway contractor in negotiation with state highway department resulting in settlement of disputed differing site conditions claim for undisclosed marcellus shale subsurface conditions.

Represented apartment renovation contractor in state court litigation for disputed change order claims, payment claims, and construction liens against owner/developer of apartment complex, with counterclaims for defective construction.

Defended franchisee in federal court litigation against hotel franchisor’s claims for liquidated damages for early termination of franchise agreement.

Researched and wrote appellate argument for Federal Circuit Court of Appeals holding that contractors can prove and recovery for compensable disruption without proving any overall delay.

Defended small contractor against SBA size appeal.

Defended packaging manufacturer and its executives in federal court litigation from competitor’s claims for unfair competition, theft of trade secrets, and tortious interference with post-employment restrictive covenants in employment agreement.

Defended real estate developer and its principal in state court litigation from homeowner association claims for defective construction.

Defended contracting company in state court litigation against competitor’s claims for tortious interference with post-employment restrictive covenants in employment agreement.

Represented real estate seller and limited liability company member in AAA arbitration for breach-of-contract claims against real estate buyer/limited liability company member/manager.

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