The government’s right to terminate for convenience is not absolute.

At the federal level, the required contract clause that governs termination for convenience of most fixed price contracts is FAR section 52.249-2, Termination for Convenience of the Government (Fixed-Price) (Apr 2012), or an earlier version of clause.

Although a contractor normally cannot recover lost profits on unperformed work in a termination for convenience settlement, there are exceptions to every general rule of law. The Atlanta Copeland Law Firm has unlimited electronic access to all the statutes, regulations, and published case law that governs terminations for convenience.

If you need experienced, affordable legal representation for a termination for convenience or other government contracts law in Atlanta, call Atlanta termination for convenience claims lawyer James Copeland toll free at 888-612-1703 or email or send a message to schedule a free initial consultation. Contingency, modified contingency, and modified reverse contingency fee arrangements are available for some representations.

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